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Ashcroft Type MFX Fire Extinguisher Gauge, Accuracy Conforms to Applicable UL Specs


■Sealed Stainless Steel case provides a weatherproof, dustproof corrosion-resistant gauge
■High impact-resistant polycarbonate window
■Meets applicable UL specifications*
■Mass spectrometer leak tested

Ashcroft? fire extinguisher gauges are mass spectrometer leak tested, thereby ensuring the critical leak integrity needed to prevent loss of extinguishing agent. These high-quality gauges are constructed with a corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel case and high impact-resistant polycarbonate window. Dial faces can be customized to meet customer requirements. The spiral tube technology used in these gauges offers the necessary accuracy without the complication of gearing, linkages and bearings that are present in a conventional movement gauge.

*Applicable UL Specs: UL 299, UL 626, UL 1058, UL 1093

Ashcroft? Model No.: 12MFX, 15MFX
Accuracy: Conforms to applicable UL specs*
Size: 12MFX –11?4?
15MFX – 11?2?
Case: Stainless steel, sealed
Ring: None
Window: High impact-resistantpolycarbonate
Dial: Conforms to applicable ULspecs*
Pointer: Integral with Bourdon tube, brass
painted yellow
Bourdon tube: Beryllium copper, spiral
Movement: None (direct reading)
Socket: Brass
Restrictor: None
Connection: 1?8 NPT back, standard
Ranges: Maximum pressure scale from 200
psi to 4000 psi
Socket: 1?4 NPT; throttle plugs, 0.007,? 0.013,?
0.020,? 0.063? orifice
Others: Customized dials
Silicone-filled spiral tube for
corrosion protection
Special socket configurations
*Applicable UL specs:
UL 299, UL 626, UL 1058, UL1093



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