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OPW成立于1892 年,1961年加入Dover都福集团。OPW 凭借一个多世纪不竭的创新动力,已成长为全球加油设备领域中规模最大、设备最先进且拥有最多产品专利与认证的研究开发中心和制造工厂。目前,OPW 全球业务覆盖油站供油设备和管理系统,油站环保设备,以及油气运输设备几大领域,经销及技术支持网络遍及全球。其中,整站包装方案更是以产品优势、服务优势及财务优势的结合享誉全球。OPW提供满足当今散装液体装卸的各种要求的最完整系列的设备产品,包括:灌装系统,工艺产品及配件如压力传设备、可视流量指示器、阀以及干式快换接头、快速接头。想要了解关于OPW的更多信息,敬请登录http://www.cnmec.biz/opw/opw.htm


OPW 化工鹤管



OPW Loading Arms & Systems

OPW offers the most complete line of loading arms and loading rack equipment available to meet today’s bulk loading and unloading requirements. Whether your application involves tank trucks, rail cars, drums or totes, we can work with you to develop the right loading arm system for your application. And whether you are moving petroleum products, liquefied gases, asphalt, solvents, or hazardous, corrosive chemicals, OPW Engineered Systems is the preferred loading arm choice worldwide…here’s why:

- Unmatched Heritage – since 1892 (120 years of success); OPW has been here to serve your loading systems needs longer than any other
- Unparalleled Product Reliability – product and process quality excellence is an integral part of our commitment to customers which is why OPW products have the highest reliability rating and has been the mosted trusted loading system in the world for more than a century.
- Unbeatable Customer Care – Our sales, technical and customer service support specialists are focused on making sure every customer experience is the best it can be. With more than 200 years of combined experience among our sales and support team, our knowledge and experience in helping customers in unrivaled in the industry
- Unrivaled Resources & Capabilities – most extensive sales, distribution and global presence in the industry – we’re where you are and can support your needs unlike any other; part of Dover Corporation – an $8 billion dollar global industrial leader focused on delivering highly-valued solutions to customers worldwide
- Made in America

Top Loading Arms
For top loading tank trucks, railcars,totes & drums
- Fixed Reach Style Top Loading Arm
- Scissor Style Top Loading Arm
- Unsupported Boom Style Top Loading Arm
- Supported Boom Style Top Loading Arm
- Slide Sleeve Arm A-32-F

Bottom Loading Arms
For bottom loading tank trucks & railcars
- Unsupported Boom Bottom Loader
- A Frame Loader
- A Frame Hose Loader AFH-32-F
- CWH Series Counterweighted Hose Loader
- Short Range Hose Loader
- Long Range Hose Loader

Custom Loading Arms
- Vapor Recovery
- Steam Jacketed / Heated Applications
- Pneumatics – for push-button operation
- By-Pass Loading Arms – for handling corrosives
- Drum / Tote Loading

Loading System Accessories
- Loading Arm Replacement Swivel Joints
- Loading Arm Counterbalance Assemblies
- Electronic Rack Monitor Equipment
- Safety Breakaway Couplings
- Quick & Dry Disconnects
- Vacuum Breakers
- Loading Arm Lockdowns
- Loading Arm Deflectors
- Loading Arm Strainers
- Loading Valves
- API Bottom Loading Couplers & Accessories

Safety Breakaway Coupling
- NTS-PU (Direct Pull) Series
- NTS-SZ (Cable Release) Series

Floating Suctions



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