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OPW Fluid Process Equipment

OPW offers products that monitor, sense and reveal the fluids in your operation. Whether you’re monitoring petroleum products, liquefied gases, solvents, or hazardous, corrosive chemicals, OPW’s collection of Process Products help keep your fluids under control.

VISI-FLO? Sight Flow Indicators

?1400 Series VISI-FLO
?1500 Series VISI-FLO
?1600 OEM Series VISI-FLO
Chemical and Industrial Valves

?Sure Seal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves?500-522 Series Butterfly Valves
?600 Series Butterfly Valves
?800 Series Butterfly Valves

?High Performance Valves
?Lined Valves?Series LBF Lined Butterfly Valves
?Series 100 LBV Lined Ball Valve 1"-6"

?Sanitary/Pharmaceutical Valves
?Series BTSV-SB Sample Valve System

Isolation Rings & Gauging Products

?ISO-Ring Gauge Isolation Ring




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