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Thomas & Betts金属框架与支持系统

通贝公司(Thomas & Betts)提供广泛的高品质、模块化、钢制、铝制及玻璃纤维增强型塑料框架产品及配件,适用于电气、工业、施工以及其它所有应用领域。通贝公司(T&B)的Kindorf、 Superstrut和Steel City 品牌无需焊接,并且能够适用于各种饰面,包括抗腐蚀、镀锌、PVC涂层或者电镀锌工艺饰面。这些品牌因其卓越性能、高品质和多功能性而深受承包方的青睐。


Thomas & Betts金属框架与支持系统

- Kindorf金属框
- Steel City 架子和夹子
- Steel City弹簧钢紧固件
- Superstrut金属帧和信道
- E-Klips机电固定系统

Manufactured in the UK, the ABB E-Klips range of spring steel fasteners offer a simple, effective and reliable method of fixing services to steelwork without the need for bracket making, drilling holes or the use of nuts and bolts.

ABB’s E-Klips range provides a fixing for almost every application to main and secondary steelwork, including cabling, trunking, cable tray, conduit, ducting, pipework,suspended ceilings and lighting - delivering immense flexibility in installation.

E-Klips fasteners are specifically developed to keep installation time to a minimum, using only a hammer, screwdriver,
spanner or pliers to complete the installation.

Product brochures available:
–– Electrical & mechanical fixing systems; E-Klips steel spring fasteners

E-Klips Range overview

Purlin clips for chain and wire

For simple, secure suspension of loads
up to 72kg from various styles of purlin, with connection via cable or wire.
Girder clips for conduit

Ideal for securing 12 - 57 mm conduit discreetly above girders.
Girder clips for cables

Clips of various styles for securing cables from 5 - 32 mm diameter.
Self-aligning purlin clip for threaded rod

Designed to hang threaded dropper rods from purlin with automatic vertical alignment.
Catenery wire, tensioners and

Including catenery wire, thimbles,
bulldog grips, tensioners and
suspension plates.
Pipe hangers

Lined, unlined and filbow types are available, to enable suspension from threaded rods.
Suspended ceiling clips

Zinc coated or white painted, for
suspension of loads up to 22kg from
false ceiling grid.
Girder clips / clamps for threaded rod

Suitable for hanging threaded rods from 6 - 12 mm diameter.
Decking clips

For suspension from decking, either
directly or with addition of chain, wire or rod.



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