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Kamvalok Flat-Face Dry-Disconnect Coupler and Adaptor

Flat dry disconnect coupler and adaptor

OPW工程系统公司很高兴地宣布其新的Kamvalok扁平干式断开连接器和适配器的发布。采用与传统OPW Kamvaloks相同的行业特性和优势,Kamvalok平台的主要技术进步是整合了扁平连接点,包括光滑平面提升阀。这种设计有效地消除了液体可能聚集的所有空腔,并在断开时随后溢出,减少了断开时高达85%的液体损失。OPW工程系统公司很高兴地宣布其新的Kamvalok扁平干式断开连接器和适配器的发布。采用与传统OPW Kamvaloks相同的行业特性和优势,Kamvalok平台的主要技术进步是整合了扁平连接点,包括正在光滑平面提升阀。这种设计有效地消除了液体可能聚集的所有空腔,并随后在断开时溢出,减少了断开时高达85%的液体损失。

OPW Engineered Systems is pleased to announce the release of its new Kamvalok Flat Dry Disconnect Coupler and Adaptor. Engineered with all the same industry-leading features and benefits as traditional OPW Kamvaloks, the major technological advancement in the Kamvalok Flat is the incorporation of flattened connection points, including patent-pending smooth, flat-face poppets. This design effectively eliminates all cavities where liquid can pool and subsequently spill upon disconnection, reducing up to 85% of fluid loss at disconnect.


OPW Kamvalok平面干式快换接头
Kamvalok Flat Dry-Disconnect Coupler and Adaptor



OPW Kamvalok干式断开耦合器是液体输送应用的选择,涉及多种化学品,包括石油产品、焦散剂和其他。它们具有易于关闭的不锈钢自动锁紧臂和工业标准不锈钢锁紧手柄,可固定打开和关闭位置,防止意外释放或分离。自动锁定臂还提供附加保护,带有自动锁定机制,通过可听见的正咔嗒声发出信号,而解钩只需要简单地拉动锁释放。此外,Kamvaloks具有抗振动的双Kam臂。

OPW Kamvalok dry disconnect couplers are ideal in liquid-transfer applications involving a variety of chemicals including petroleum products, caustics and others. They feature easy-to-close stainless-steel Autolok locking arms and an industry-standard stainless-steel locking handle, which secures both the opened and closed positions to prevent accidental release or uncoupling. The Autolok locking arms also provide added protection with an automatic locking mechanism that is signaled by an audible, positive click, whereas uncoupling requires only an easy tug on the lock release. In addition, Kamvaloks feature vibration-resistant Twin-Kam arms.


OPW Kamvalok平板有铝和不锈钢两种材质,尺寸分别为1.5英寸、2英寸和3英寸。还提供各种温度范围。The OPW Kamvalok Flat is available in aluminum and stainless steel, and offered in 1.5-, 2-, and 3-inch sizes. A variety of temperature ranges are also available.



性能特点Features & Benefits

- Reduce product loss at disconnect by up to 85%
- New patent-pending smooth, flat-face poppets
- Industry-standard locking handle
- Easy to close Autolok? locking arms
- Automatic locking arms, no pins or buttons
- Vibration-resistant Twin-Kam arms


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