Kamvalok Flat-Face Dry-Disconnect Coupler and Adaptor

Flat-Out Better Spill Prevention

新产品kamvalok Flat平面干式快换接头是OPW下一代的干式接头。我们已经事实案例证明,最好的kamvalok平面连接方式,这有效地消除了所有的液体泄露和断开后介质溢出。The new Kamvalok Flat is the next generation of OPW dry-disconnect couplings. We’ve taken our proven, best-in-class Kamvalok and flattened the connection points. This effectively eliminates all cavities where liquid can pool and subsequently spill upon disconnection.

OPW Kamvalok平面干式快换接头
Kamvalok Flat Dry-Disconnect Coupler and Adaptor


性能特点Features & Benefits

- Reduce product loss at disconnect by up to 85%
- New patent-pending smooth, flat-face poppets
- Industry-standard locking handle
- Easy to close Autolok? locking arms
- Automatic locking arms, no pins or buttons
- Vibration-resistant Twin-Kam? arms


- 母头Coupler Ordering Information

- 公头Adaptor Ordering Information




- OPW Kamvalok Flat Sell Sheet
Kamvalok Dry Disconnect Couplings Installation and Operations Manual
Kamvalok Drawing
- Case Study - Kamvalok - Allied Aviation - Airport Safety



AAR Number Description
E129504 1600AN Series Kamvalok Adapter – Threaded
E129505 1600ANF Series Kamvalok Adapter – Flanged
E129507 634B/733DCL Series Kamlok/Autolok Dust Caps
CRN Number Region Description
OA4911.5R1 Ontario 1.5”, 2”, 3” Aluminum and SST Kamvalok


OPW Engineered Systems Kamvalok Dry Disconnects
Case Study - Kamvalok - Allied Aviation - Airport Safety



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